About Us: Magdalene Boat Club is the the largest society in College and gives a chance for everyone to learn, train and compete in the sport often most closely associated with Cambridge - rowing!

If you have never rowed before, the first term is spent under the watchful guidance of the Lower Boats Captains who will teach the basics of rowing and put crews together for the many novice races throughout term before you join the senior crews later on in the year. On top of the training, MBC has a packed social calendar with events mingling the whole spectrum of College members together for guaranteed fun and great stories to tell in the future.

Training schedules vary and you can decide how much time you want to put in, and also depend on the time of year due to light restrictions. You can choose from anywhere between 3 to 12/13 sessions a week for those who just fancy learning a new sport to those who have really caught the bug for rowing.

Cost: members pay £39 per term subs which are charged to your College bill so there's no need to worry about costs straight away. This helps fund coaching, equipment, race entries, repairs and maintenance of one of the best equipped boathouses on the river with a full set of 8 rowing machines, showers, changing rooms and of course the boats!

Find Out More: for more information and to keep up-to-date with all the goings-on, check out our Facebook page and our website or email magdalene.captain@cucbc.org.