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The JCR Committee

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Standing Orders

PRESIDENT - Melanie Benedict

Hello Magdalene! I’m Melanie the JCR President of 2024! I’m a second year HSPS student, specialising in sociology, and am very passionate about being outspoken about the things that matter to each of us. In this vain, I will work with the amazing JCR Committee that have come together this year to amplify undergraduate voices with college staff and in the process increase engagement with everything the JCR want to and can offer! I am always a friendly face (though on a dissertation crunch it might be a stressed one) around college, so please know you can always raise your worries, joys and queries with me. I care about everything you have to say!! I look forward to working for you all and I’ll do my best in serving you in the year ahead! 

“You couldn’t have chosen a better workaholic.“

“Always try to see something you can't catch“

VICE-PRESIDENT - Mathew Blowers

- Hello, I'm Mathew, a second year Computer Science student and the Vice President for 2024. My aim is to enhance communication, amplify your voices, and push forward initiatives to improve college life for us all. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me or attend an open meeting if there's something you want to raise.

TREASURER - Saughn Sekhon

Hi I'm Saughn! I'm a second year natsci and your JCR Treasurer this year. My bold and grand plans are mainly centred on not bankrupting the JCR. Beyond that I will help to keep the JCR running smoothly and look forward to serving as your treasurer.

“Treasurer? I hardly know her.“

“Hey there! I am using WhatsApp.“

SECRETARY - Sankalp Kapur

Hello! I’m Sankalp, a second year natsci. As secretary, I will be putting together the beloved Magdazine, running the JCR Instagram account, and taking minutes of the JCR Meetings. If you’d like to contribute absolutely anything to the newsletter, or if there’s something that you’d want advertised in the newsletter or on Instagram, please get in touch!

GREEN & CHARITIES - Polly Wilson & Martha Wood

Hey everyone we are Martha (2nd year natsci) and Polly (2nd year AMES) and we are so excited to be your green and charities officers this year! We have lots of ideas to make college a greener & more charitable place but let us know if you have any suggestions! 🌿🥒🦖

“There is no planet B 🌎“

“Turning cripps into drumsheds one bop at a time x“

ENTS - Michelle Kudiabor & Rikki Hirai

We, Rikki (3rd year Natsci) and Michelle (2nd year HSPS) are your new ents officers 💋😍 and we cannot wait to deliver a year of immaculate bops to the lovely students of magdalene college. We believe in the right to bop and to never stop💃🪩🪅Everytime you walk into the bar, or cripps auditorium you will be embarking on a peak ents experience. We promise to serve so stay tuned for exciting updates and spectacles on @magdents 🤘Garde ta slay!


Hey I’m Jacob one of your JCR welfare officers! Over the next year Abbie and I have a whole host of fun welfare activities planned. Keep an eye out on the socials for all that we have coming in the new year…. Always feel free to reach out to myself or Abbie if you need a chat, directing to a service or have any welfare questions or suggestions :)

“Life is hard. There’s parking fines, PPI, the Kardashian’s - it’s a marvel any of us get out of bed“

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.“


Heya, I’m Abbie, your female/non-binary JCR welfare officer! Over the next year, Jacob and I are looking forward to hosting fun events, beating those “week 5 blues”, and most importantly, listening to your welfare needs and suggestions. Remember that we are always available if you need advice, support, a friendly face to talk to, or have any ideas of events that you’d like to see/host yourself 💜.

LGBT+ REP - Dan Mills

Hi, I'm Dan Mills (he/they), I'm a first year English Student. Here to listen to and support all your LGBTQ concerns, and to keep college an accepting environment. (and if I host the odd LGPre-T along the way, so be it)

“Cometh the day, cometh the slay“

“Mom, I am a rich ma“

WOMEN’S OFFICER - Caitlin Mason

Hi I’m Caitlin I’m a second year PBS student. Can’t wait to work with the 1988 society! Let me know if you want to be involved:)


Hi guys ! We’re Mey (MMLL) and Brendan (Law), the international officers for the JCR this year. As international students ourselves we know how hard it is to settle in a new country. We both arrived in the UK completely lost at the start of Michaelmas, but the international community here really helped us feel at home. We want to pay it forward for everyone in college that might be feeling homesick or lonely. N’hésitez pas to reach out to either of us, we’re always down to talk! Г.Т.Ф.

“Oui oui baguette“

“The tension between me and signing off emails with 'All my love' is going to break me one day“

DISABLED OFFICER - Eleanor Wolseley

Hi! My name is Eleanor (she/her) and I’m a first year psychological and behavioural sciences student. I'm so excited to be the Disabilities Officer for 2024. My goals for this year are to help address issues that come up within college and to find ways to make spaces and activities in college more accessible. I’m also passionate about holding events for students that identify as disabled, including students who are neurodiverse or have mental conditions, to meet each other and to support a feeling of community at Magdalene. If you have any questions or concerns about anything related to disability or would like to chat with me in person or online, please feel free to email me or drop me a message on Facebook. 

BME OFFICER - Michelle Brefo & Thalia Arundell

Hey, I am Tally. I am a first year English Student. One interesting fact about me is that I can speak Polish. Hey, I am Michelle. I am a first year HSPS student. One interesting fact about me is that I love to sing. Our aim as BAME officers is to ensure that ethnic minorities feel included in the community of Magdalene and to put their voices at the forefront of social events, providing them with a safe space to express themselves and to interact with others. We have many innovative schemes that we want to implement that are in the works and pending.

“I didn’t choose the library life, the library life chose me“
“Find me at Gardies“

“In the beginning the Universe was created. This had made many people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.“


Hiya, we’re Harriet and Dev and we’re your Freshers Reps for 2024! Our job is to organise and run both Refreshers and Freshers Week, as well as supporting anyone joining college. Please get in touch if you have any questions/recommendations or simply want to chat!


Hiya, we’re Harriet and Dev and we’re your Freshers Reps for 2024! Our job is to organise and run both Refreshers and Freshers Week, as well as supporting anyone joining college. Please get in touch if you have any questions/recommendations or simply want to chat!

“When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all like, "Whaaaat?"“

“You don't need to know much. You just need to know what you need to know.“

CLASS ACT - Devan Simon-McBride

Hi everyone! I'm Devan, a second-year Chemical engineer and I am the new Class Act Officer. I am here to offer support to class act students by representing your issues in JCR meetings, hosting cross college events and regularly sending out information useful to Class Act Students. Please drop me a message if you have any questions or just find me in college in the new year.


Hi, I’m Hannah, a second year social anthropology student and your catering and accommodation officer. I handle anything to do with catering and accommodation, and I will helping run the room ballot, attending Ramsay meetings and uploading the Ramsay menu! I will also be organising themed formals so feel free to suggest any themes or menus you want! If you have any questions about catering and accommodation, feel free to drop a message :)

“What is a girl to do. I’m just a girl“

“Think inside the box because everyone is chasing each other outside, what is the box? Empty.“


Hi! I’m Karen the Access and Academic Officer. I would like to encourage more people from underrepresented backgrounds to apply to Cambridge and make the transition to university easier for freshers. If you have any questions or suggestions about Access or any Academics please let me know, I’m super excited to get started!

IT OFFICER - Zegang Wu

Hello! I’m Zegang, currently a dedicated economics student who has taken on the exciting role of IT Officer. In this capacity, I ensure the smooth operation and continual improvement of our glorious JCR website. My mission is to provide accessible and efficient IT solutions, enhancing the overall academic and administrative experience. Should you encounter any tech-related challenges or have queries, I’m your go-to person. Feel free to reach out at any time!

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.“