President: Mia Lupoli 

Hey! I'm Mia, a second year Geography student and I'm Magdalene's JCR President for 2019. My job is to represent the JCR student body within college, at college committees, and to organise JCR social events and services. I'd really like to make college the best it can be for all the undergraduate students, so if you have any suggestions please email me or send me a message on Facebook!

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Vice-President: Matt Alderton

Hi, I'm Matt, a second year historian from Guildford (just south of Birmingham), and I'm your JCR vice president for 2019. My role will be working closely with the JCR President, organising open meetings and coordinating with Cambridge's Student Union (CUSU), as well as with the other elected officers here in Magdalene and their sub-committees.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you've got any questions/suggestions, I can be reached by the above email or on facebook! 


Treasurer: Adi Iyer

Hey, I’m Adi, a first year Economist and also your JCR Treasurer for 2019. As treasurer, my main role is to plan the JCR budget, so that the committee has sufficient funds to function smoothly throughout the year. I am also in charge of maintaining the JCR accounts and keeping all the finances in order. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this – please do not hesitate to contact me!


Green & Charities: Jake Rose

Hey guys, I’m Jake, a second year PhysNatsci from Liverpool, and I’m gonna be your Green and Charities officer for 2019. You’ll usually find me climbing in Rainbow Rocket, or looking at rocks or in Fez singing Stacey’s Mom. This year, I’ll be in charge of ensuring that college is as environmentally sustainable as possible, as well as raising money for the JCR’s three chosen charities in as many different and exciting ways as possible. My plans for this year include a couple of Green formals, sorting our recycling issues, and pushing for more knowledge on current issues plus a lot of different charity events in and around college. If you have any ideas, questions or want to get involved the please hit me up!


Access: Laura Belt

Hello all!!! I’m Laura, a second-year student from Great Yarmouth, studying Human Social and Political Science!!! Access and Outreach is all about helping to increase representation of those from disadvantaged and under-privileged backgrounds!!! So, when I’m not Brass-banding, I’ll mainly be working with prospective students to help those disadvantaged to realise their potential!!! I also want to play a role in representing those already here, who feel disadvantaged by their circumstances in anyway. We have a Facebook group dedicated to sharing class and Access related events, including talks and formals throughout the university that all are welcome to join. So, if you have any questions or issues relating to Access, class or life in Cambridge in general, please don’t hesitate to contact me – I’d love to help!!!

Welfare Officers [forwards to both officers]

Sarah Longworth (women & non-binary)

Hi, I'm Sarah, a first year Veterinary Medicine student and Magdalene's female and non-binary Welfare Officer this year.  As well as organising week five packs, some really fun events to promote positive welfare and working with the college to improve welfare provisions, I will be around as a confidential port of call should anyone have anything they want to talk about.  Please don't hesitate to drop me an email or Facebook message, no matter what the problem. Alex's got info on sexual health supplies below...

Alex Petter (Men & non-binary)

Hey, I’m Alex, a first year Geographer and I’m going to be your Male and non-binary Welfare Officer for 2017. The welfare role first and foremost involves being a confidential and friendly port of call for everyone in college who wants to chat about any welfare-related issues. Sarah and I will be organising week five packs and various welfare events throughout the term, as well as supplying free sexual health supplies such as condoms and pregnancy tests which we can leave in your pigeon hole or can be found in ours if needed immediately. If you need this or anything else just drop us an email, Facebook message or leave us a note in our pigeon holes. Hope you all have a great 2017! 



IT Officer - William Gullock

Hi! I'm a first year engineer from Bristol, and your IT Officer for 2019. I manage the JCR website and can provide occasional tech support around College whenever the JCR (or its members) need it.

While I am available for tech support to JCR members, if you have an IT-related problem in College, your first port of call should usually be the Computer Office, who will probably be better suited to help you!
(in Benson E3, 9am - 5:30pm Mon-Fri)

Please don't hesitate to approach me in person, over Facebook or at the email address above if you have any suggestions for what can be done better with college IT (like WiFi, online services, etc.) or are having any tech difficulties.


Communications & Internal Affairs - Isabel Wilson Scott

Hello! I’m Isabel, a second year lawyer from South-East London, and I’m your Communications officer for this year. My main role is composing the weekly College newsletter MagdIN/OUT, which you’ll find in your inbox every Thursday during full term. If you’d like anything to be included in MagdIN/OUT, have a suggestion for it, or indeed a question about anything, do drop me an email or message.

When I’m not doing this, you’ll probably find me in the library with a packet (or three) of mini eggs.


Services, Bar and Buttery: Joe Barnes

Hey, I’m Joe and I’m a first year English student. I’m your JCR officer for Services, Bar and Buttery and I therefore look after the spaces in college set aside for undergraduates, such as the college bar, our combination room and the games room. I also represent our interest in the facilities shared by all members of the college, such as the squash court and the two gyms. I also work with college staff to organise Halfway Hall, and to improve the food and drink that college provides us. These things are important to all of our daily lives in the college so please make sure to email me if you have any questions about anything that my role covers!

Domestic and Academic: Jake Keisner

Hi, I'm Jake, a first year historian from London and I will be your Domestic and Academic officer for this year. This involves organising the room ballot, making sure the library works for us by feeding back our ideas to the committee, ensuring that everyone is informed about storage, and all other housekeeping matters. If you have any questions, issues, or ideas don't hesitate to email or Facebook message me.


Freshers Rep: Will Webster

Hi, I’m Will, a first year History and Politics student and I’m your Freshers Rep for 2019. The most important job I have as Freshers Rep is making sure that everyone feels at home and welcome during the transition to Magdalene. This means I look after freshers both before and after they arrive to ensure that they settle in as quickly as possible in what can be a hectic environment by being a friendly and approachable person around college. I will be organising both refreshers and freshers week this year so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop me a line on Facebook or email.



Ents: Sabrina Lee

Hi there! I'm Sabrina, a second year lawyer fortunate enough to be your Ents Officer for the year ahead. Besides bringing you many a beloved bop, I'll be working on a host of other events to ensure Magdalene stays one of the most fun and social colleges around. Of course, any ideas you have at all, be it a bop theme or wild new event, send it my way and we can try to make it happen. If you do see me around singing Lion King (not just in Cindies sadly) please do say hi!

LGBT+ Rep: Charli Foreman

Greetings! I’m Charli, a first year MML student. As LGBT+ rep, I’m here to provide support with any LGBT+ issues you may encounter, and to ensure that Magdalene remains a welcoming and inclusive space. I’m also more than happy to provide a cup of tea and a chat should the hetero/cis-normative world be getting you down!



International Student’s Officer: Gabrielle Tam

Hi, I'm Gabby, a first year land ec from Hong Kong. I'm so excited to be your international student's officer for 2019 and cannot wait to meet all the new faces coming in during international freshers week. I'll be in charge of making sure everyone feels welcomed and settled in at the beginning of Michaelmas term and throughout the year. I will organize events during the term to make sure students from different backgrounds feel that they are valued and part of the Magdalene community. If you've got any questions or worries, don't fret. I was definitely in your shoes not too long ago, so feel free to ask me anything or drop me a message!

Women’s Political Officer: Lauren Carey

Hi! I’m Lauren, a first year Education, English and Drama student from Bristol, and I’m your Women’s Political Officer for this year! My main role is running our Magdalene Feminist Society- Magdaladies- as well as being a port of call for any gender-based issues anyone has within college; this includes those who identify as male and non-binary so please don’t be shy if something is on your mind that you’d like to chat about. Feel free to drop me a message on facebook, or an email if you’d prefer ( with any suggestions or questions, or even if you just fancy a cup of tea and a chat. I hope to see lots of you at Magdaladies events this year- everyone is welcome!


Disabled Students’ Officer: Gus Courtauld


Hey Guys ! I’m Gus, a first second-year philosophy student. As disability officer, I’m here to provide advice and support for anyone with a disability. Pls just ask if you need to get in contact with the resource centre or have any worries- Feel free to knock on my door or say ‘hi’ round college if you have any questions

BME Officer: Emman Bhangu

Hi, I’m Emman, a first year lawyer from London. As your representative for black and minority ethnic students and I will be running events throughout the year to ensure that students from different backgrounds are brought together. I will make sure that as students of colour our views are being heard and taken seriously. My door is always open, so if you ever want to chat please don't hesitate to get in touch!