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Hello Magdalenites! I'm Rory, a HisPol student from the heavenly hometown of Stockport, and unfortunately for you all I'm President of the JCR. My role is to coordinate the brilliance within the committee and act as your chief representative to college. I'll be open to suggestions about how to improve Magdalene and be a listening ear to any problems which you'd like me to help out with. Think of me as a bureaucratic version of Bob the Builder, when anyone asks "Can we fix it?" my answer will always be "Yes we can!" (or "if the JCR budget can afford it").

“If you're going to make an omelette, you're going to have to have some frank and honest discussion with the eggs.“

“JCR Hierarchy“


Hey, I'm Nikhil, a second year Natsci and your vice-president. I’ll be working closely with the president and committee to make the JCR the best place for you! If there is anything you want raised at an open meeting (or anything else I can help with!) please don't hesitate to get in touch via Facebook or find me around college:))


Hi, I'm Stephen! I'm a 2nd year engineer, co-captain of Magdalene badminton club and JCR treasurer. Being a committee member since 1st year, I hope to keep the JCR thriving with solid finances.

“I stand on my money now I'm 6'6"“

“Too many psychopaths, not enough cycle paths“


Hi, I'm Oli, a 2nd year linguist, and I'm this year's secretary. It's my job to run the Instagram account, type up minutes in JCR meetings, and produce the fabulous weekly newsletter Magdazine (which you should go away and read right now). Please get in touch if you have any enquiries, especially if you want something advertised. Any and all suggestions regarding the newsletter are very much encouraged!


Hiya! I’m Ceri, a second year vet student from Aberystwyth and I’ll be your Green and Charities Officer for the 365 days of 2023. My role will be to ensure college is doing as much as it can to ensure it’s meeting its sustainability targets and supporting our charities of choice. Hopefully I’d like to give you all some seasonal mean, green Magdalene cuisine suggestions each week, organise talks relating to current environmental issues and arrange fundraising events for charities you’d like us, as a college, to donate to. I’m always happy to chat if you see me around college and have a burning question. Alternatively, feel feel to drop me a message by email ( or any other platform you fancy. New questions and suggestions are always welcome!! GTF :)

“Mustn’t grumble if there’s crumble“

“Channeling the spirit of her holiness Mary Magdalene in delivering ents unto our college“


Who we are: The Dream Team aka Léa and Uma. An MML and History of Art student with enough free time and enthusiasm to ensure a good time Aims: - Maintain Magdalene’s robust reputation of having unreal, nay, transformative BOPs by observing tradition whilst building upon The People’s suggestions - Reform and positively “re-vamp” the JCR Bar into a more happening space or ideally “the place to be”.


Heya! I’m one of your welfare reps, along with Aine, for this year! I’m super excited to kick-start college welfare with some fun events and general college resources. Keep an eye out on social media and this notice board for termly updates on all the great events around college. I’ve tried a bunch of different activities in Cambridge so far, my favourites being climbing, rowing and pole dancing. Don’t hesitate to send Aine or me a message if you want a chat, fancy a walk, or need any contraceptives.

“It’s the journey“


Hi I’m aine and I’m a second year medic! Oscar and I are so excited for the upcoming year to bring you lots of welfare fun! We are always here for a chat or any questions you might have, so feel free to give me a message at any time:)


Guten Tag, I go by the name of "Tom" and I am 2023's finest LGBT+ rep (at least in my mind). As an avid student of the Medical sciences I am deeply invested in well-being (and it's associated emotions). In turn, my aim for this year is, through a plethora of means, to bring the community together. The future students, doing thier dissertations on major moments in LGBT+ history, will look to 2023 as the year when leaps and bounds were made within the Magdalene JCR!

“You're either a smart fella or a fart smeller“

“A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle“


Hi, I’m Pico, a second year HSPSer and I’m your Women’s Officer. My role includes running Magdalene’s feminist society and listening to any concerns you may have regarding the wellbeing of women and non-binary people. From running the 1988 club and putting on lots of fun events in the future, I’d love to hear any suggestions!


Hellooo, I’m Sushant, a first year Engineer from Singapore (the only one in my year🤪). I’m super hyped to be your International Students’ Officer for 2022. I’m in charge of making sure you feel welcome and at home in Magdalene regardless of where you come from. I’ll be organising events during the term to help international students integrate and meet other internationals. (For offer-holders especially–) I’ll do my best to give you any administrative advice you need before you get here, or just general information about life in Cambridge. If you’ve got any questions, worries or just wanna chat, feel free to drop me a message or ask me directly ( or @suushaant on Instagram).

“Mr. Worldwide“

“Spread kindness like confetti!“


Hey! I’m Shreya (she/they), a second year Engling, and I’m so excited to be your Disabilities Officer for 2023! My main aim this year is to make Magdalene a more welcoming and inclusive place for anyone who self-identifies as disabled, including students who have mental health conditions and/or are neurodiverse. I’m planning on running lots of casual socials for disabled students to get to know each other and find a community within Magdalene, but I’ll also be working on making everyday life in college more disability-friendly, including the library and the ballot system. If you have any questions or concerns about anything disability-related (including applying for access arrangements etc.) or want to chat in person or online, please feel free to email me ( or send me a message on Facebook! x


Hi! I’m Michelle and I’m a second year hspser, As your BME officer I cannot wait to plan exciting events and help out when needed in our community! I’m a friendly face and more than happy to have a chat anytime! Don’t hesitate to get in contact for absolutely anything! GTF !! x

“I once code switched so hard on the phone that my mum thought it was a scam“

“I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realise I should have been more specific.“


Hey!! I’m Melanie and I’m the female and non-binary Freshers’ Rep for 2023. I’m a first year HSPS student and some things I love are music, politics and nature. As freshers’ rep I want to be a person you always have the option of talking to whether it’s about things you love and hate about life here or just a chat. There are so many questions you have when you first get to Cambridge and sometimes you feel lost, unsure who to ask for help. So here I am for any queries or advice you need! You can always contact me via email or the freshers’ instagram. I hope I can help make being a Magdalenite as amazing it can be!


Hi, I’m Gordon, a first year Economics student and the male/non-binary Freshers’ Rep for 2023. Melanie and I will be organising the refreshers and freshers’ weeks this year. I’m here to make sure all the Freshers feel as welcome as possible at Magdalene. Feel free to email or message about anything.

““Good for you” is wonky chat“


Hi everyone I’m Mia, a second year classics student and your Class act officer for this year. I’ll be representing class act students (those who are financially, socially or educationally disadvantaged) within college, running social events and a student-led outreach project to widen the class act community. Feel free to get in touch and hope to see lots of you at socials!


Hey, I’m Rikki, a second year Nat Sci student and your catering and accommodation officer. My role involves anything catering and accommodation related. I will be helping run the room ballot, attending regular Ramsay meetings, and making sure you can always find the Ramsay menu! This year, I am also organising more themed formals, so any fun theme suggestions will always be welcome. More generally though, if you have any catering and accommodation queries, please find me and I will try my best to help.

“When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all like whaat?“

“The only peacock Magdalene needs“


Hi I’m Minnie, I’m a second year medical student from Edinburgh. As your Access & Academic officer this year, I hope I am an approachable point of contact for any related issues you may have in college. I am a first generation student who benefitted from access and outreach programs on my journey to be at Magdalene, so I’m excited to play a part in this aspect of the application process. I am also the ambassador for the SU Shadowing Scheme for college- watch this space for opportunities to take part later in the year! For our current students, I believe that Magdalene should have a supportive atmosphere where we can all achieve our goals, so I’m looking forward to working towards that. Please get in touch through Facebook or email me ( if you have any concerns or questions- I’d love to help!


Hi, my name is Mathew and I am a first year Computer Science student. As the IT Officer, I am responsible for maintaining and updating the glorious JCR website, as well as suggesting improvements to the College IT Services. I am also here to provide limited IT support around college, so if you have any IT related questions then please don't hesitate to contact me.

“Never try to catch something you can't see“