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Healthcare support

Health and Wellbeing service

The Health and Wellbeing service, includes Catriona Keane, Head of Student Wellbeing, who is also a counsellor. Catriona is available for intake assessment, wellbeing appointments, advice, and support appointments.

We have a college Nurse, Taryn Rothwell who has a clinic in College during term time. Taryn is available to help with minor illnesses and injuries. If more specialised help or treatment is required, she will help refer you or point you in the right direction whether via your GP, the University Counselling Service or other local service.

Both Catriona and Taryn work closely with the wider College Welfare Team which consists of the Senior Tutor, the Tutors, the Tutorial Office Staff, the College Chaplain, and the Head Porter to ensure that a full programme of wellbeing support is available for students in College, and to advise and arrange any appropriate medical referrals.

Health and Wellbeing Appointment

How do I make an appointment to the Health and Wellbeing service?


  • Formal Assessment and treatment of any illness or mental health concern

  • Medical letters (e.g for exam allowances)

  • Emergency Support


Both the JCR Welfare Officers have sexual health supplies, just drop us an email at message us on Facebook or ask us if you see us around college.

Useful links


Telephone: 01223 508805


Information, advice and counselling on HIV and AIDS, safer sex and HIV test, plus a range of other services.

Telephone: 0300 300 3030


Integrated contraception and sexual health services for Cambridgeshire, with information and support services relating to contraception, STI screening and HIV testing/support.